Monday, May 11, 2015

Engaged: Tayler and Ben

Tayler and Ben knew that they were meant to be early on in their relationship, even though Ben says he wasn't sure he should ask her out at first because Tayler was "too crazy". Turns out they were too crazy for one another because they are set to say their "I do's" in early November!
A fall wedding is the obvious choice for this lake loving couple. Their gorgeous engagement photos shot by Defined Image Photography are the perfect reflection of this couple's love for the outdoors, the lake and their pup! This couple has been so fun to work with already and we cannot wait to be a part of their day.

How did the two of you meet and how long have you been together?
Tayler's Version-
We met summer 2013 at Cow Creek on Table Rock Lake. I was at my sorority lake weekend with 16 other girls, we were hard to miss. I went to Ben's boat to give Blake Wixson (Ben's Best Friend) a hard time. He (Blake) took me out for ice cream and never spoke to me again because he said I was "too wild" LOL. That's when I met Ben!! Blake, thank you for never speaking to me again!!

Ben's Version-
Tayler thinks we met in 2013... Flashback to summer 2009. My friend, Luke Holland, asked me if I wanted to go "some chick's lakehouse" for the weekend. We pulled up to an empty lakehouse, so we went on down to the lake. There, we were greeted by two blondes floating off from the dock. To briefly summarize my experience; Tayler was crazy, not my type.
Flash forward to the spring 2013, when Tawatha Doss tried to set me up with this cute, little blonde x-ray tech she worked with. She said her name, and I chuckled and said no...she's way too crazy for me. So, I told Tawatha to set her up with Blake. I know, what a great friend, right? See her story above to see how that turned out. Luckily, it did because we crossed paths again as Tayler described above. I still win the debate of how we "first met" because of the vivid mental picture I painted of her lakehouse before ever going back

Tell us about one of your favorite dates!
Tayler - Well big surprise, the lake! I love going out on the boat with Ben and wake surfing just the two of us. It’s my idea of perfection.
Ben – Alright, not to copy her, but my favorite dates with Tayler are Friday nights together on the lake. A sunset, a puppy (now two!), smooth water, good music, and the woman of my dreams just does it for a guy like me.

When did you know it was the real thing?
Tayler - I knew after the second date, not joking!

Ben – Looking back, it didn’t really take that long…about a month into it. It took me longer to realize how things were coming together. I would catch myself thinking differently, planning differently, it wasn't a solo approach any longer. And boom, she’s the one.

Was the proposal a surprise? How did it happen?
Yes, big surprise! We were going to Nashville for my Birthday (Tayler) and we had asked a few friends to come and no one could "get off work". We went through St. Louis and I threw a fit because that's the "long way". Turns out, we were picking up Josh and Jenna Pell!!! That day we went around downtown and had lunch and went and watched live bands, we went back and got ready for dinner. Ben said he had made reservations and that we could walk there. While we were walking to the restaurant his hands were sweaty (which I thought was weird). We walked up to the restaurant and there were my parents, his parents, my brother and his girlfriend, his sister, and his best friend. As soon as I saw all of them I knew what was about to happen!! I individually hugged all of them and I was nervous to turn around! lol. When I finally turned around he got down on one knee and asked!

How do you envision your wedding day? 
FUN! I can’t wait to celebrate with all of our favorite people! I have tried to base my planning on my guests, I want this day to be for them too!

Are there any fun family traditions or special details that you are planning to incorporate? 
We are getting married at the lake, the center of both families “ideal getaways”.

Tayler, what are you most looking forward to on your big day? 
Seeing my handsome groom waiting for me at the end of the aisle! Also, being able to see all of the people I love the most, in one place, at one time.

Ben, what are you most looking forward to on the big day? 
I am looking forward to starting the next chapter of our storybook. I can only imagine how beautiful my to-be-bride will look. I look forward to calling her Mrs. Tayler Lynn York.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Real Wedding: Whitney and Seth's Reception

It's our last day of Whitney and Seth's Wedding Week! This fun loving couple was such a joy to work with. Their family and friends were just as excited for them as we were and that is so obvious through each of these photos. Their reception was clearly a blast as they took to the dance floor and never slowed down!

It has been so wonderful revisiting Whitney and Seth's colorful fall wedding. We hope you loved it just as much as we did. Here are their amazing reception photos by Turner Creative Photography

How did you portray your personal styles on your wedding day? 
We like things simple and easy – we were able kept everything really simple (for us), by finding a venue that was pretty well decorated already. Other than that – (I hope this doesn't sound terrible) but we like to have fun and have a good time, so for our favors, we gave out little bottles of Apple Pie moonshine. A few of the Dads/Husbands were grounded by the end of the night. ;)

What was your first dance song, and why? 
“Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee. We both really like the sweetness of the song and it always puts you in a good mood and makes you smile.

What’s the one d├ęcor aspect that you most loved and will remember? 
The menu and program board. I spent HOURS making them and loved the way they came out. We have the menu board hanging in our dining room and the program board will be hung in our office with other wedding pictures. It’s really special to me that we can keep those mementos forever.  

Photography: Turner Creative Photography
Wedding Coordination: Abby Mitchell Event Planning and Design
Venue: Garden Chapel at Big Cedar Lodge
Hairstylist: Cedar Creek Spa at Big Cedar Lodge
Cake: Big Cedar Lodge Catering
Music: BH Sharp
Florist: Seasons Event Design