Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY: New Years Glitz

The excitement of New Years Eve is all about getting gussied up and celebrating in style with fun friends, food, and beverages (duh)! So here are a few last minute DIY ideas to make your holiday extra sparkly! 

Glitter some old jars to hold silverware, straws, or drink stirrers. Use gold Solo cups for an easy clean up that screams celebration! 

Make your own confetti by slicing up some glittered or shiny paper and toss it around tables covered in simple linens to snazz up the party. I mean how easy is that? 

This link shows you how to make your own pinata numbers! You can do them in any size and color combo! 

Hot glueing rhinestones to any color of plastic silverware will add a pop of glam to the party! 

Make your own party hat fascinators for you and your guests! The possibilities are endless with glitter, toppers, and trims. 

Make these adorable "sparklers" to use as dessert toppers or drink stirrers. Link to DIY is right here!

Enjoy all these festive tricks to turn your get together into a glitzy party! For more help and tips contact Abby Mitchell Events to do all the work for you!! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Party Theme: Girly "Adult" Birthday

I thought today would be a good a day as any to share some of my favorite birthday ideas... BECAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE I decided to find a bunch of lovely little parties and ideas so that maybe in the future I will throw one for myself my husband will throw one for me! Enjoy browsing through my loves that are similar to a nine year old girl.

Every girl wants to be a princess on her birthday, riiiiight??? 

What would your dream birthday party be like!? 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trend: Headpieces

Whether you are a bride, a party guest, a hostess with the mostest, or just out on the town - fancy head wear is taking the event scene by storm! I love getting a bride who likes to take risks with her wedding day fashion and fascinators, headbands, and hair accessories are the perfect way to snaz up your style. 

Here are a few bridal looks that just blow me away:

And here are a few for the party goer, the bridesmaid.... the rest of us :) 

Have you used a headpiece to spice up a look? Any styling tips for the rest of us!? Who doesn't love styling tips, I mean for reals. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Etiquette: The Host/Hostess Gift

To throw a party these days is not something that most people just throw together. It takes quite a bit of work. There is planning a date and setting a schedule, ordering, addressing, and sending invitations, managing the guest list and tracking down all those that don't RSVP (don't get me started on that one), and then planning, decorating, cleaning, and throwing the party itself! 

For someone to reserve a night out of their busy schedule and invite you to be a guest while they show you a good time is a very generous and thoughtful thing for a someone to do! With that being said, it is pretty much required for you to be THANKFUL. This in no way means that you have to bring a lavish and expensive gift to every single thing you are invited to, but it does suggest that if you are going to an event organized by someone else and designed for you to enjoy you might consider bringing a token of your gratitude. 

I recently made some very EASY and affordable goodies for a family get together that I thought could be used for a variety of events as hostess gifts.

These chocolate covered pretzels were a breeze to make and since it was for a holiday gathering I coated mine in crushed candy cane and red sprinkles. Throw a dozen or so of these in a cellophane gift sack and tie with a pretty ribbon... VOILA! 

These homemade crackers are way more doable than I thought they would be and the flavors are ENDLESS! I made rosemary lemon, spicy cheddar, and Italian parmesan. Thrown in a basket with some tissue paper and they were out the door! 

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to get a gift together these days. Hello we have pinterest!! So when attending your holiday parties this season don't forget to be a grateful guest! 

Do you have a go to hostess gift that you like to give? What are some etiquette tips you have for party guests?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Party Element: Photo Booths!

This is such a huge trend right now to have at weddings and parties. I love the creativity that I have seen in different backdrops, props, and arrangements! When planning your wedding or event you do not necessarily have to hire a photo booth vendor separately. If you are already working with a photographer ask them if they offer photo booth services because chances are they probably do. PLUS if you are already using them they are much more likely to give you a deal when combining packages than a separate vendor would for just one service.

This AWESOMELY FUN backdrop is made from pleated paper pinwheels in all different sizes and colors. 

Yes, I know we have all seen the frames idea, but I loved how on this one they added all of their past family photos. It seems so cute and ceremonial like they are being added to the wall of family weddings! 

This is a fantastic idea for a guestbook that you will actually keep and look at over and over again! 

You can't go wrong with glitter. It can be classy and elegant, fun and celebratory, chic and girly... goes with so many themes. 

I love a similar take on this with the black being chalkboard! 

Pretty pages of plants and flowers are great for an outdoor wedding or a garden theme. Or mix it up with magazine pages for a glam get together, kids' art for a birthday party, or printed pictures of the bride and groom in different sizes but all done in black and white! 

I couldn't resist adding these adorable Christmas props (7 days in counting)! I love the reindeer antlers! 

and one more super fun prop idea.. chalkboard caption cards! I can only imagine the things that would get written on these haha! 

What "Party Element" should we showcase next? What are your favorite ideas shared about photo booths? Check back soon for some more wedding and party planning fun! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trend: Snazzy and Unique Wedding Day Shoes!

I love this trend.

I mean who doesn't love a perfect chance to wear those kinda crazy (but totally acceptable because it is your wedding day) kicks! From making it your "something blue" to the most bedazzled you can get away with in your lifetime we have put together a few faves that are sure to impress and inspire.

hot pink + glitter = DIVA (in the best way of course)  

Wearing your heart on your....shoe? Adorable. 

lace up glitz. 


Somethings blue...
{Source}                                                 {Source}

Aaaaaannnd a flat for a fab farewell! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Party Theme: Night at the Movies

This is a go to party theme in my book. A classic that can be made easy as a child's birthday or super fun for adults, or families as well. I'm actually scheming to have a little Christmas version at my parents' house over the holidays! The ultimate cozy movie time in my opinion. 

Whether you want to glam it up for a girly rom-com or have a Halloween themed thriller this party idea is one for the ages. 

Take it outside! Have a drive in movie and back up vehicles filled with comfy quilts and outdoor pillows, or set up a lawn chair theatre in the back yard and rent a projector. 
{Source}                                                                      {Source}

I love the idea of some simple stamped brown paper sacks filled with popcorn. You can even make a large container of it beforehand like this glass jar then keep a scoop nearby for easy and quick refills during the movie! 

This fun family went all out and had a whole popcorn bar! They served different flavors and flavored salts to season with. They even had popcorn additions like small candies and pretzels that you could toss in. 

Enjoy this fun party theme idea and for any help pulling off your own star studded soiree be sure to contact Abby Mitchell Events

Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't underestimate the invite.

In our increasingly paperless world there are so many e-vites and inbox events going on that we have started to underestimate the importance of the invitation.

This is something that I am big on. The invitation to an event sets the entire tone for the evening itself. If you are having a casual potluck barbecue and only inviting a few neighbors, then sure the snail mail might not be needed. But if you are having an event that you would like others to RSVP to and perhaps wear something other that what would be required to walk on over to your house, then you need to spruce it up a bit, just like you expect your guests to.

Skimping on quality of paper, and using a cheesy design will only give way to letting your guests think that this is just another event that doesn't really matter. Who wants to host something like that!?

I have put together a collection of invitations for an array of occasions that not only are appealing, but will get your guests to get gussied up and responding pronto.

This cute but casual holiday party invite is just enough to say "Sure, wear jeans and a sweater!" but also says "Look at the detail and time I put into this, so don't invite other people randomly!" 

This sweet square shower invitation shows that you will pay a little extra for postage on an unordinary shape. Meaning guests might pay a little extra for the perfect gift off of the registry. 

A fun and flirty invitation gets recipients excited to participate in games and laughter! 

A hint or even a statement about dress code on an invitation can sometimes seam necessary depending on who you are sending it to, but always have some contact information added for further questions. 

A simple color palette can be classy and modern all at the same time. You can always make it edgy by switching fonts and sizes, but keeping to a basic color scheme will eliminate some over kill. You can never go wrong with simple and chic. 

Check back soon for some more event planning tips and tricks!!