Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary! Emily and Chaste

Happy 1 YEAR to Emily and Chaste! They tied the knot last year on May 4th and had a wedding for the record books with SNOW for their spring wedding. They took each unexpected hiccup in stride and the day turned out beautifully. Clearly they have learned how to manage life well as they are now expecting TWIN BOYS! 

Any big plans to celebrate your anniversary? 
The plan was to do another exotic honeymoon, but somebody had to go and get pregnant…

Emily, what is one thing you learned about your new husband this year? 
He’s very fertile…

Chaste, what is one thing you learned about your new wife this year? 
She gets pregnant easily…

Do you have any advice for those planning a wedding/marriage now? 
Plan out your post-marriage birth control plans…

What is one of your best memories from your past year as newlyweds? 
Finding out we were pregnant with twins…

What do you have planned for the future? 
Give birth to two healthy twin boys and buy a house…

Em and Chaste, wishing you all the best as always! We can't wait to meet your two little cuties! 

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