Saturday, January 12, 2013


I LOOOOOVVVEEEE VALENTINE'S DAY. I know I say this around every holiday, but it really might be my favorite holiday! For a girl who loves herself some glitter and pink EVERYTHING it really is the perfect holiday. For all those haters out there that say things like, "It's not even a real holiday" and "It is so mushy and gross" - I say, who doesn't love a good reason to CELEBRATE!?! So cozy on up and enjoy all these ooey gooey, girly, sparkly lovelies that I have pulled together to help you plan a perfectly pink holiday! 

Too much? .... Nahhhh!!! 

A Valentine's Card Making Party!! I die... 

As always if you need help or some more fun ideas for your event contact Abby Mitchell Event Planning and Design! 

XOXO, Abby 

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  1. I liked these so much. Really worth appreciating.


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