Friday, August 30, 2013

My All Time Favorite Wedding

I have officially checked out of reality and into a daydreaming/reminiscing wonderland as the weekend of our wedding anniversary begins. Welcome to the cheese factory. We'll be serving free samples all weekend. 

While I usually try to shy away from anything too personal on the blog, this time it was just relevant enough not to share. After all, I think most people don't care about what I am feeeeeling or what recipe we ate for dinner. They would rather see pictures of pretty tables, fancy details, and real life love stories here in the ozarks. 

But guess what y'all! I'm forcing myself into my own "local love story" category. 

 We got married last labor day weekend because a wedding shouldn't be just a day, it should be as many as you can fit! We celebrated from Thursday through Sunday and then left on a Hawaiian Honeymoon. sigh...
Besides the handmade sash I constructed, my mom's cathedral veil was my favorite thing that I wore. 

Our "First Look" and we were freaking out! I kept saying "Omgosh are we doing this!?"


Stop counting! It's the more the merrier! 

 And here we are at the peak of my nervousness. 
I sat down with the flower girls to play 1) because they looked freaking adorable and 2) so they would distract me, and those moments ended up being some of my favorite photos. 

And then this moment. Geeze.

All I was doing while Clint prayed was wishing I could hear him and sneaking peaks at how amazing my rings looked on my hand. 

We had waffles and sweet tea then snuck away for some pictures at dusk. I remember thinking "I hope there's still biscuits left and that they don't play any old school Usher without me"

We danced danced danced, ate some cake, danced some more, and then my sweet Pi Phi sisters sang Ring Ching with the silverware smash and all. 

Honestly y'all, the whole night was so much of a blur it is hard to think back on it, but I remember the feeling. I felt so incredibly blessed and loved and free. 

Even though I am consumed with weddings so much of the time, no matter how dated or cheesy my day begins to look, it will always be my favorite because it was mine. 

Happy Anniversary to us!! 
Time to celebrate with good food and lots of quality time this weekend! 

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