Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bridal Fashion Week Favorites!!

So I am probably WAAAAAAAAYYYY more excited about this post than anyone else in the world because I have been waiting to share it all week and because it is all my own personal favorites. Nevertheless, I think it is fabulous. Enjoy! 

That tulle on tulle action is literally killing me. Neckline - Gorgeous. Color - Gorgeous. Material - Gorgeous. Detailing - Gorgeous. I am officially planning my vow renewal. 

Can't say I would be brave enough to wear this one myself, but I am in awe of the construction elements and overall look. Nicely played Anne Bowan, nicely played. 
 Anee Bowan

This will be the second party dress I don for my vow renewal I am now planning. I mean seriously!? Perfection. 
 Della Giovanna

No one can do lace like Ines Di Santo.
 Ines Di Santo

  Ines Di Santo

In love with this sweet silhouette and that bow! Oh and that sparkle! 
Naeem Khan

What were some of your favorites from the fashion week lines? Any brides out there find their dream dress on the runway!? 

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