Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet our ((growing)) team!

I have the joy of working with some wonderful girls as my interns and it just so happens we are broadening our family! Learn more about our current interns below and get a glimpse of what they do. To apply to be an intern for the spring and summer of 2014 please see the instructions and job description below. We will be holding interviews the week of April 14th-18th. 

Meet Rochelle: 

Rochelle is a tall (gorgeous) redhead with a vibrant personality. She has a heart for helping and is a genuinely hard worker. 

This past Spring, I graduated from Missouri State with my Bachelors in Entertainment Management.  I aspire to be an event planner, but right now I’m looking to get as much hands on experience as possible. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had my fair share of different events, but my favorite event I was ever apart of would be my little sister’s wedding.

My younger sister, Katie, got married this past June to her high school sweetheart Patrick.  Her husband is in the army, and was stationed in Afghanistan during their engagement period.  Katie was overwhelmed with all sorts of mixed feelings almost to the point where she didn’t want to deal with a wedding because of the stress of it all.  I knew my sister had been dreaming about her wedding day for so long, so I wanted to give her the day of her dreams.  It was a little bit of a bumpy ride with her fiancĂ© being countries away and everybody in the family having an opinion, but I managed to pull off the perfect day for her.  

Every little detail matters when it comes to some ones special day.  I am so excited that I will be able to start writing about all the little details it takes to make a wedding day or any special day a success.

Meet Jane:

Jane is our little southern farm girl with a great taste for design (and handbags). Her go-getter attitude and love for the wedding industry is what fuels her commitment to do well. 

I am from a very small town (population 265) north of Saint Louis called Old Monroe, and I live on a 3rd generation farm. Though it is small, I wouldn’t choose any other way to grow up. My twin sisters, Katie and Rachael, and I were blessed to be surrounded by family all the time all while working on the farm and having fun! I am extremely grateful to have such a special place to call home and look forward to visiting when I am here in Springfield attending Missouri State University. 

have only wanted to be two things my entire life; a princess or a wedding planner. Since there are too many politics involved in the princess industry, I have decided to go the wedding planner route. Weddings have consistently been of great interest to me, and I do not hesitate in telling people that. I am also not reluctant in telling people I have been a subscriber of Brides magazine since I was thirteen. Now I am ecstatic to say I am taking my first big step to accomplishing my dream by being Abby’s intern! I am blessed to have a boss who has already taught me so much, and inspires me to keep working hard. Even though being a princess isn’t the most practical career, I look forward to helping brides feel like one on their wedding day and through the whole planning process!

While we can offer college credit if needed, our internships are unpaid positions. Interns are needed for helping to set-up, style, decorate, and coordinate weddings and special events. Many and most of these events take place on the weekend. If you are interested in joining the Abby Mitchell Events team, please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to The deadline to apply is April 11th. Interviews will be held the week of April 14th through the 18th. 

The whole gang at the Metropolitan Bride Expo in January 2014.
Previous intern, Lynlee, setting up for various weddings! (She is pregnant with TRIPLETS right now!)

Rochelle placing candles for a wedding this October.

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