Thursday, June 5, 2014

Budget Breakdown: Gatsby Wedding

Hello, Ladies! It’s time for another budget breakdown, this time it’s GATSBY WEDDING! The glitz and glamor of the roaring 20’s portrayed in the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is great inspiration for a wedding. I know I was personally in awe of the decor, fashion, and party atmosphere as I watched the movie in theaters. If you have seen the movie, you know just what I am talking about! (But if you haven’t, go to Redbox, and make a date night out of it!)  

If you remember our post from February breaking down a rustic styled wedding, you know what we are about to dive into. We are going to break up some pictures of Gatsby design features that are attainable around 3 price tiers; $50,000, $20,000, and $10,000.
Let’s get rolling!

Tier 1 - $50,000

What a stunner! A wedding for about 85 guests or so of this nature comes in around our $50,000 mark for a handful of reasons. Mainly THE DETAILS! It is hard to pinpoint a certain large expense, but things like an added cocktail hour, a live band, fireworks and a tent wedding can add up quickly. Adding a cocktail hour means a whole other set of food, decor, alcohol and rental costs. Having a band is by far the most fun and entertaining, but can be a large chunk of the budget. An elaborate tent wedding can be hard to pull off due to the vast amount of dressing up most tents require. The main reason this wedding is set over the edge however, is the impeccable taste in details... the butterfly tree and cloches, the signage EVERYWHERE, the bridal accessories and guest outfits, the paper products, the vintage furniture and musical items... So many elements worth noting, and thus worth adding up! 

Tier 2 - $20,000

Another lovely example! The keys to making this $20,000 dollar wedding suited for 125-150 guests as glamorous as possible are all of the gold details, and the the white draping from the ceiling. The draping adds to the budget, but really makes a makes a statement. Some of the costs to consider for an event such as this includes chair rental, all the components that bring the theme together such as table number design, vintage cameras, the on trend cake, custom paper, and the drink ware and plates. Considering food and beverage costs and venue location, this wedding is certainly attainable for close to $20,000!

Tier 3 - $10,000

This dazzling DIY example would be perfect for about 75 - 100 guests around $10,000 dollars!  This wedding was made possible with lots of group effort from the couple's bridal party and family. They made their own custom table runners, and designed the centerpieces. They also constructed their modern take on pew bows which gave the ceremony setting that finishing detail. By mostly using standard linens, chairs, and tables, this couple saved a heap! Their strategic placement of the details ensured their efforts made as much impact as they could. What a fun, comfortable, art deco inspired celebration!

- Jane

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