Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wedding Design: Sarah and Alec

Busting out with a brand new post category! Here is a look at the design proposals we create for our full planning and wedding design clients. This is just a tidbit of what we put together for them so that we can all be on the same page, communicate the correct style to vendors, and keep the whole day cohesive! 

Sarah and Alec are tying the knot this coming June with a church ceremony and tent reception on Sarah's family's gorgeous property. A true ozark mountain wedding! Her feminine and delicate style mixed with a little outdoorsy rustic touch is the perfect mix of the couple's taste! Keep an eye out for more sweet details from this couple! 

We start with a mood board to give a general feel of the design. It always includes a color palette, a photo collage or main image and a few adjectives to describe the feel! 

Layouts are my FAVORITE. I love using layouts to add interest to an event and create the perfect flow. I try to put myself in the position of the guest and walk through the venue determining what would be the best use of space.

Sarah's style is very delicate/fancy meets comfortable/relaxed so I love the mix of tall traditional florals with the long rectangle tables having a mix of miniature florals and glittered jar candles. 

Details are the best! One of the hardest parts of planning can be finding where to stretch the budget to allow for special details. There are so many unique ideas and ways to incorporate a style! The best tip is to make your details count by utilizing them at places you KNOW the guests will see them. The seating chart is a sure fire spot! 

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