Monday, September 29, 2014

Wedding Design: Janelle and Brett

Y'all all know already how much I love this weddign design because it was created off of our expo booth design! Janelle is truly a girl after my own heart, down to her love of donuts and great taste in music, so CLEARLY their wedding is shaping up to be fabulous! 

Their front page inspiration board highlights their color palette of black and white with touches of gold and focuses on their fancy and modern style. 

 The reception page touches on the layout of the event space and goes over the concepts for linens and centerpieces. I always try to show on a layout where the different types of centerpieces will go so that the bride can get a grasp of how the room will look from every angle. 

This page goes into more detail about the centerpieces (tip: you should always do more than one type unless it is a very small and intimate event). My favorite is the gold matte lamp option that will hold a flickering candle and be surrounded by bud vases at the base! 

 I am obsessed with the seating chart! We are creating a large ornate gold frame to house our cream colored backdrop of glitter-edged escort cards. The seating chart will be available to guests during cocktail hour so that there won't be a traffic jam at the reception room entrance.

THE BEST PART. Favors of Donuts from the yummiest shop in town. Small personalized bags will read "Donut mind if I DO". Can you get more perfect than that!?

I am so excited for Janelle and Brett's big day this summer and hope you will follow along in their engagement and wedding celebration! 

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