Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Engaged: Josh and Jennifer

Meet Josh and Jennifer! These fun-loving, bike-riding lovebirds are tying the knot this summer and we can't wait to celebrate them! Defined Image captured their vibrant joy so perfectly - Enjoy!

How did the two of you meet and how long have you been together?
Jennifer: We met thru an online dating service in April 2009. We dated 1715 days;  Engaged for 544 days; and married for the rest of our lives! 
Josh: A computer matched us online, and how can you argue with a computer? We have been together longer than I can remember.

Tell us about one of your favorite dates!
Jennifer: My favorite date happens every night when I get to come home, put away all technology, and have dinner with Josh every night (in which he cooks for me)!

When did you know it was the real thing?
Jennifer: I was leaving on a work trip 10 months after Josh & I met.  He walked me out to my car after an evening over at his house.  It just started snowing.  As we were hugging goodbye, I realized that I did not want to leave the state without him.  It was the hardest work trip I ever took.  I switched jobs that same month so I could be with him more.  
Josh: When I realized we had been together so long I couldn’t remember or think of anyone else.

Was the proposal a surprise? How did it happen? 
Jennifer: Complete surprise, but there were so many clues that evening!  I wanted to go meet our friends downtown, but Josh wanted to take me on a carriage ride around Park Central square.  After the ride, he wanted to look at the Christmas tree.  I should have known as those are typically not things he is interested in! Right after we did the obliged #selfie in front of the tree, Josh started to get all serious and BAM..the knee. 

When it was happening, I looked around Park Central Square to take in the moment in the best I could (i.e. Leslie Knopes on Parks & Recreation).  Josh will say “she asked if there was even a ring”.  I guess that is how truly unprepared as I did not even know what to say.  I mean, there is the guy I love pledging his life to me and our future family.  I am surprised I even remembered the English language. 

How do you envision your wedding day? 
Jennifer: We are doing an elopement style ceremony with our family prior to the big celebration on June 13.  Our ceremony will be very intimate and romantic where I am sure I will be crying. For our reception, we are planning a pretty significant celebration in downtown Springfield which will incorporate everything we love as a couple.  

Josh, what are you most looking forward to on your big day?
Knowing that the best days of my life are ahead of me.

Jennifer, what are you most looking forward to on your big day? 
I am looking forward to seeing my future husband standing at the end of the aisle knowing that we are going to be starting a new family together in front of God and our families. 


Are there any fun family traditions or special details that you are planning to incorporate?
Josh: On our reception day we plan on riding bicycles thru the streets of Springfield with our guests and family. 
Jennifer: Our two dogs: Turbo, the dachshund and Chanel, the beagle, will be our ring bearer and flower girl at our ceremony.  There will be lots of surprises at our reception for our guests! 

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