Sunday, May 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes Wedding: Emily and Chaste

Emily and Chaste were wed on May 4th, a day you usually assume will not have snow....

Well bless their little hearts, there was! They made the absolute best of it and the sun peeked out at just the right time to get some gorgeous outdoor photos. Of course, you will have to wait to see those from Aaron Clark Photography because I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off lighting candles (and fire pits), hanging chandeliers, doing sounds checks, rallying children, and trying not to get a run in my hose... pretending assuring all that the day would run smoothly.

Nonetheless, it actually did :)

During the set up, ceremony, and the reception I snapped a few pics from my view of things.

Earrrllyyyyy morning on the day of the wedding and here I am about to head out to set up the reception. 

So usually you would get to see the reception location after the ceremony, BUT I did all the set up and styling for the reception the day before and morning of so here it is. 

Emily made all of the paper flower centerpieces herself and the guests LOVED them. There was even a venue worker who asked to buy one after the wedding! 

Moving an entirely outdoor reception inside left us with some extra tables (not to be confused with extra space haha) that did not have centerpieces. I was glad I had brought some spare ruffled round linens and that the venue had tea lights up for grabs! 

From picnic tables on the lawn to all indoor tables and fire pits on the patio!! Here are a few patio shots before the extension cords got taped down and the fire pits were lit... and obviously before the sun set. 
 The patio wrapped all the way around the clubhouse and had a great view... even with the fog, snow, and rain :)

Entryway to the chapel side one...

and side two...

The arbor made its FIRST indoor debut you guys! I actually thought it looked really nice with the wood of the chapel and made such a focal point during the ceremony. 

See what I mean.

Emily and Chaste chowin' down on some alfredo and lookin' super cute and in loooovee.
{another fun side note... Chaste made the table set up they are seated at}

Made the girl of the hour take a pic with me during a dance break :)

Stay tuned for their "Real Wedding" post when we get some pics from their photographer! 

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