Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes Wedding: Erica and Jimmy

To say that a wedding is a joy to be at is one thing, but to say that a couple is a joy to be around is a completely different scenario. Erica and Jimmy were just that - an absolute JOY. 

I worked alongside Sharon Taylor on this one and ended up so pleased with the finished details. For those of you that don't know Sharon, she is an interior designer in the Springfield area who happened into designing weddings and did them well. After deciding to focus entirely on interiors, she asked me to help manage her last wedding planning experience. Bittersweet! Be sure to check out more of Sharon's work on her blog

Erica and Jimmy were wed at Wesley United Methodist Church and danced the night away at their reception at The Veridian. While they had an awesome photographer in Andrew Bowser, here are a few behind the scenes shots from setting up, to seeing it happen, to saying goodnight. 


Okay this will always CRACK ME UP!! Transporting the arbor to the reception site at around 7:30AM 

Set up crew! Erica's mom, Alice, and her aunts were there from beginning to end helping with set up and doing the whole tear down. That is some family love! Here they are hanging glass orbs (that held tea lights) and large crystals in front of the front windows. 

After much craziness we finally managed to get this arbor inside for the photo booth set up! Things came apart that PRAISE GOD fit back together. 

Getting drape to drape right can be tricky. Especially if it is a lightweight material like the voile we used from FM Stores. Please notice the twine I have in my mouth in the pic on the left... WHAT A FREAK!  haha 

Erica loved the idea of a draped photo booth area and I did too! I am pretty obsessed with how it turned out and might just set the whole thing up in my living room so I can feel like a queen at all times. 

As favors, the couple gave out handmade glass ornaments with their names and a photo on the tag. They were each unique and very pretty! 

Mmmmm Ozark Mnt. Popcorn for the popcorn bar! 

A few props of mine and a few props of Sharon's :) 

Chair belts, linens, chargers, and florals all by SB Bon

We designed the menus that went at each place setting and here is the proof...
And here is the real deal! 

The head table was SIX 6ft. banquet tables put together (in rows of three, side by side) to make a huge italian style seating arrangement. Erica and her friends collected wine bottles since her engagement to use as a gorgeous candlelit centerpiece. 

Awesome aunts hard at work on the cocktail hour area!

Escort cards were shimmery shells with guests' names written in gold pen. 

Erica used this oversized chalkboard of Sharon's to write a welcome on. We LOVE that she used a wedding hashtag for guests to tag all of their photos. So much fun for the couple to look at in the airport the next day :) 

Photos before the wedding are my favorite. Andrew Bowser capturing the moment! 

This wedding party was seriously too much fun!!

Sometimes a bride needs a little girl to girl photo primping :) Unless he has lived in a woman's body, there are some things not even the best guy photogs see!

Don't miss the black satin ribbon on the bridesmaid bouquets! Such a pretty detail.

We also designed the ceremony programs for the wedding. Here is the proof for the front...
And for the inside. It was a longways folded program. 

All lined up and ready to start! 
I'm grabbing the ushers to man the doors so I can be on full alert for any mishaps! Obviously there were none :) 

Ta Da! Everybody made it to their spot :)

Andrew Bowser getting the kiss! 

Sweet Erica saying hi to a little admirer on her way back to the bridal suite. Intern, Lynlee, probably about to usher her along... pictures then guests!  

Back over to the reception while guests are downstairs enjoying cocktail hour, and the cake has arrived!! All catering and cakes done by Patty Wingo with Simply Delicious... and boy was it delicious! 

Candles lit and the head table is looking snazzy! 

Everything is lined up, turned on, lit and ready to go. 

Pretty cute right? And YUMMY! Guests were loving it. Crowd fave = Cookies and Cream

Last minute details with Steve, the DJ from Travel Tunes... he was awesome. Perfect blend and EVERYBODY was dancing the entire night! 

Lynlee, our new intern did an AMAZING job. Erica and Jimmy's wedding was her first to work! Lynlee, you rocked it! 

The happy couple :) 
MANY Blessing to you two and thank you, thank you, thank you for being so much fun to work with!! Mr. and Mrs. Ballard ladies and gentlemen! 


  1. The draped arbor looks so pretty. Nice job, everyone!

  2. Thank you so much, Abby! You were such a joy to work with as well! The day was absolutely perfect and prettier than I could imagine. It couldn't have been done without your help! You always had a smile on your face and took great charge. I appreciate you more than I could say! Hope to stay in touch!

    Mrs. Erica Ballard


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