Thursday, June 27, 2013

Behind the Scenes Wedding: Alicia and Ty

Alicia and Ty's wedding day was definitely one for the record books! From lots of scattered thunderstorms and chances of even more downpours, we were on our toes all day! 

The couple was married at Alicia's parents' house in Ozark, Missouri. They had a lovely ceremony on the main lawn, a cocktail hour indoors, and some dinner and dancing outside in a beautiful cove of mature trees. 

While the original plan was to have everything outside, time was slipping away and we decided to move cocktail hour indoors so that we could have at least one area set up completely. The entire day was a big family affair and there were so many loved ones there to lend a helping hand. The couple was truly loved and celebrated all day long. 

Coming from Springfield early that morning I knew it was going to be a long day for Alicia especially with thunder booming and rain POURING in town. Starbucks usually always helps to calm down a worried bride :) Low and behold when we arrived at her house, south of town, it hadn't started raining yet! 

This was our first go around of setting up linens and tables... the rain started and we grabbed as much as we could and ran inside to wait it out! 

The chaos didn't allow for as many set up photos, but here is the ceremony taking place OUTSIDE! 

While the ceremony was taking place, we were scrambling to make sure the cocktail hour was ready to go, and then that the dessert table and place setting designs were complete. So many things had to be left till the last minute in case of rain. 

Lovely place settings. 
Linens, glassware, silverware, chargers, and dishes all from SBbon!

Alicia decided on three different sized flower arrangements to space out around the large U-shaped table. Arrangements by The Nest

The lights and candles on the tables made this SUCH a romantic night. 

While family members made most of the delicious desserts, AmyCakes made the pale pink wedding cake. That poor thing went through a LOT and didn't sweat, or swell hardly at all! 

Ty's brother-in-law served as an usher, the DJ, and the pig parent :) Meet his adorable pet! 

Parisian water jugs doubled as table numbers spaced throughout the table and guests enjoyed seasoned breadsticks in sacks printed with the menu. 

Intern, Lynlee, making some final touches! 

Twin Town Studios capturing some gorgeous, woodsy shots of the wedding party! We can't wait to see their work! 

The happy couple enjoying dinner from The Aviary during sunset. 

Alicia's father Jim, an architect, designed and built the dance floor. Here she is dancing with Ty and then her dad :) 

The party stayed popping till ten o'clock sharp when the rain finally broke through. Guests hurried to line the pathway with sparklers and Ty and Alicia took off in a rolls royce from Fisk Limo

Overall, a beautiful night and a beautiful couple! Congrats to Alicia and Ty! 

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