Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Real Couple: Courtney and Matthew

Meet Courtney and Matthew! 

They are getting hitched right here in Springfield on August 5th! They are such an endearing and sweet couple and I can't wait to be a part of their big day. 

1.     A little about her... Courtney is a senior at Missouri State University. She is an Elementary Education major with an emphasis in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She grew up right down the road in Ozark, MO.
2.     A little about him... Matthew is a senior at College of the Ozarks. He is studying Business Administration and is from Ozark, MO as well!
3.     How did you meet? Matthew and I met our freshmen year in high school although we didn’t start dating until college. We were friends for almost 5 years before dating and our friendship was a solid foundation for our relationship.
4.     How long have you been together? A little over 2 years.
5.     What is the main thing that each of you are in charge of for the wedding, planning wise? Matthew and I have shared the responsibility of planning the wedding. All decisions have been made together and although I have done the majority of the “details,” Matthew has been extremely supportive! I truly feel so lucky to be marrying someone so involved in this process.
6.     If you had a “couple nickname” what would it be? Matthew and I are truly “old souls” at heart. We could spend an entire day taking walks, holding hands and talking. The simple things in life mean the most to us.
7.     What are your wedding colors? Plum and gray with accents of moss green.
8.     Are there any fun details about your wedding that you would like to share? Matthew is extremely skilled at woodworking and is making our arch (that we will stand under during the ceremony) from the ground up! We plan to decorate the arch for the wedding and then put it in our backyard as a constant reminder of our perfect wedding day.
9.     Groom, what are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? Seeing Courtney walk down the isle. She hasn’t given me ANY details about her dress but I know she will look beautiful in it.
10.  Bride, what are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? Like most little girls, I have always dreamed of my wedding day. I would envision the flowers, me in that beautiful, white dress and exuding that “bridal glow.” It wasn’t until I met Matthew that I was able to see the person I wanted to be standing at the end of the isle. That is what I am most excited for; to see Matthew standing at the end of that isle waiting for me and knowing we get to spend the rest of our lives together. 

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