Saturday, March 1, 2014

Engaged: Lauren and Chris

Meet Lauren and Chris! 

This beautiful couple will tie the knot this summer. Enjoy getting to know them a little bit better and their stunning engagement photos by Christine Bonnivier Photography. I love the sun soaked images she captured for them! 

How did the two of you meet and how long have you been together?
Chris and I met at Drury University during a greek life event. It was my freshman year and his sophomore year. I had just joined Delta Delta Delta and barely knew anyone. Both of us, being sort of shy, made our way to the sidelines and struck up a random conversation about his shoes. The conversation ended with him asking if I liked spaghetti. I said absolutely, I love Italian food. And then he asked if I could make it for him and that led for our first date. (I had my mom make the sauce beforehand, because I am a terrible cook and I really wanted to impress him). 

Tell us about one of your favorite dates!
My favorite date was one of our first. I have always had an obsession with Christmas lights. One day he asked if I would like to go out to dinner with him and I said of course. While on our way to the supposed dinner he said, “oh wait I forgot to get something at the fraternity house, would you mind coming in with me for a moment.” So we walk up to the steps and one of his brothers opens the door wearing a full-on-butler-style suit. I could definitely tell something was up at this point. So his brother tells us to follow him and he opens the door to their formal room-inside is a complete winter wonderland. All the walls are covered in Christmas lights with ivory sheets draped from ceiling to the floor, fake snow covered the ground, Frank Sinatra music gently playing in the background and in the center was a single table set for the two of us. We then spent the rest of the evening being served food (which he prepared earlier) by various pledges wearing tuxedo t-shirts. After the dinner was served (my favorite cheesecake) we danced and tracked fake snow through the rest of the house. 

When did you know it was the real thing?
I never really knew when it became the real thing. It wasn’t a singular incident that let me know he was the one, it’s just been day after day of little surprises and comfort and I grew to feel that I knew that he was the one. 

Was the proposal a surprise? How did it happen?
The proposal was after our 5 year anniversary we had went out to a fancy sushi dinner and then walked around a winter wonderland ( I really like Christmas lights if you can’t tell). According to the mayans it was the day the world was supposed to end 12-21-12. Then he plopped down on one knee and said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life no matter how short or long that may be with me. Then he asked if I would marry him. 

How do you envision your wedding day?
Throughout our relationship we have always had loads of fun and liveliness. I want my wedding to capture that spirit. We want our full-of-life energy to radiate for the entire night and share that with the ones we care for. 

Are there any fun family traditions or special details that you are planning to incorporate?
My parents have had a wonderful, happy marriage and I would like to pay homage to that. On my bouquet I will have a small charm that has a picture of them on their wedding day. Chris and I have never been big fans of wedding cake, we will be serving fresh apple-pie with ice cream instead.

Lauren, what are you most looking forward to on your big day?
I can’t wait to have all of my family (new and old) all in one place celebrating together

Chris, what are you most looking forward to on the big day?
Seeing her walk down the aisle. 

Lauren and Chris, we can't wait to celebrate with you this summer! 

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