Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hospitable Home: Couch Makeover!

I am finally sharing my most exciting DIY project ever! I re-upholstered our couch you guys. Like me. Not a professional couch upholsterer specialist extraordinaire. ME! 

I LOOOOVED our couch in terms of comfort level. I am talking insanely comfortable. But this poor guy had been through the best and worst of my college days and was ready for a new mature and adult self. 

The thing about throwing a great party is that you always want your guests to feel 2 things: 
1. Comfortable and 
2. that they are having a better time than they would be had they not come. 

 A stylish but comfy couch is the best of both worlds; a place to relax, but also feel good in the environment. 

So here it is folks! Our couch before and after pics!

Before (blehhhh EMBARRASSING):

AFTER! A heavier ivory woven material with pillows out of black and ivory toile, stripes, light blue/turquoise florals, and solid ivories. 

Hope this gets you excited about entertaining in your home and making those "crucial" changes to enhance your party atmosphere! As always, for that extra help pulling it off, shoot me an email at! 


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