Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trend: Fancy Chairs

We have all seen the gorgeous chiavari chairs all over Pinterest being decorated to the nines in ribbons, ruffles, and glitz. I know they are fab, but at around $8 per chair to rent (without any extra snap) this trend is PRICEY! 

As a proud bargain hunter, the cost of some rentals for chairs and covers make me cringe, but even worse is the ugliness of some venues' chair options. Unlike most trend posts, I have added some great DIY tips and prices per chair for some innovative ways to turn your "church basement chair" into a great party prop. 

Here are some INSANE and GORGEOUS ideas that are out there now:

{Average Per Person Cost = $18-$20}

{Average Per Person Cost = $15}

 {Average Per Person Cost = $40}

{Average Per Person Cost = $15}

And here are some still pricey, but not gouging ideas:

{Average Per Person Cost = $10-$12}

{Average Per Person Cost = $15}

 {Average Per Person Cost = $10}

{Average Per Person Cost = $12}

And here are a few ideas to get your budget friendly mouths watering:

Gather chairs from your friends and neighbors for a family style, eclectic feel. 
{Average Per Person Cost = Some really nice Thank You notes}

Spray paint your own metal folding chairs to match your colors. Great for a more modern wedding. 
{Average Per Person Cost = $8}

Cheap fabric cut in strips can often be cheaper than rolls of ribbons. So find some yardage you like and get cutting! 
{Average Per Person Cost = $5}

If you splurge for chiavari chairs, simply add an easy printable with ribbon to backs of chairs. You can use this for place cards, a monogram, or just do the Bride and Groom. 
{Average Per Person Cost = $10-$12}

Last option - find a venue with great chairs that match your theme :) Easy right. 

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