Thursday, February 6, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Custom Linens and Details

Here at Abby Mitchell Event Planning and Design there are plenty of projects we work on behind the scenes. With Abby's exceptional knowledge of needlework and sewing, she is able to create one-of-a-kind pieces for any occasion. Below are some circular runners and monogrammed pillows that Abby worked on for Grayson and Danielle's wedding that took place in Alabama on February 2nd! 

Read on for some tidbits on the design of the wedding and the construction details from Abby.  - Rochelle :)

P.S. Thanks to Sharon Taylor of Pickwick House for opening up her shop to us for our "bigger than kitchen table" projects! We always love seeing the fun interior design pieces that Sharon is working on, or the art she has for sale. Check her out!

Grayson and Danielle's wedding was a really fun Navy and Yellow/Gold color palette set to take place in a family barn. They let me use patterns! I love how a pattern brings depth and style to a wedding, and the navy oak tree runners were the perfect touch on their tables. 

I made the circular runners first by cutting the total amount of runners I would need and then serging the edges.

The monogrammed pillows might have been my favorite detail from Grayson and Danielle's wedding altogether. They choose three different coordinating patterns in navy and yellow, all to go on large wooden pews that would serve as extra seating in their barn reception. 

The embroidery was done by Works of Art Embroidery in Branson, and they did a gorgeous job. They matched the navy thread for the yellow pillows, and the yellow thread for the navy pillows perfectly, and even recreated the two-letter logo of the couple's initials for us!

Guess what? I hate hand sewing. If it doesn't involve beading, or jewels, or SOMETHING fun, then I would much rather just machine stitch it.... which is exactly what I did on the rest of this pillow :) 

One done, 5 to go! The stripe was my favorite I think. It looked so classy, but fun, on the benches in the barn! I can't wait to share the final product with you all! 

Intern, Jane, getting us organized :) We had oak fabric for both runners and pillows, so we were counting runners often making sure we had enough! 

I love these colors and patterns together! All our fabric was from FM Stores on Fremont St. It is one of my all time favorite stores. Yes, I just threw that out there. If you need accent fabric for any details at your wedding, they are the place to go! You could use an idea from here, like pillows or runners, or get creative with a fun backdrop for your photobooth or cake! The options are endless, and wondering the aisles there, you will see what I mean! 

Stay tuned for more details from Grayson and Danielle's wedding in Alabama and take a peak at their European Engagement while you wait! 

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