Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Budget Breakdown: Rustic Wedding

So often our clients come to us with big ideas and dreams, hoping for some direction in making those visions a reality. It is always tricky to determine those dreams in terms of what is possible for each of their budgets. SO we are starting a fun new category called "Budget Breakdown" in order to guide you gorgeous brides towards design features that are attainable in every budget. Let's welcome this new gal of a category to the block, shall we?!

One of the most popular themes that has taken the wedding world by storm is the rustic wedding. Why shouldn’t it? It sets a beautiful stage for a wedding with the perfect touch of masculinity, but leaves plenty of room for the bride to incorporate fabulous details. It’s difficult to get online, or flip through a wedding magazine without seeing an example of a rustic or natural styled wedding.

A great thing about having a rustic wedding is the wide variety of things you can do with the décor to accompany any budget! That’s right. I brought up the “B” word. There is no reason to be shy about your budget when planning your wedding, it’s actually imperative that you know what can be spent to avoid headaches and heartbreak. We are not here to burst your bubble, but we want to bring you into reality so your planning can go as smoothly as possible. Nothing is worse than trying to put together a $50,000 shin-dig without the 50 grand.

To help ya’ll get an idea of we are talking about, we have found some examples of weddings that fall in the price points of around $50,000, $20,000, and around $10,000.

Tier 1 - $50,000


WOW! What a glamorous example of a rustic barn wedding! Considering the professionally hung draping, impeccably detailed place settings and table design, linen and flower quality, multiple chandeliers, and other rental décor details, this wedding qualifies for near the $50,000 category for around 225 guests. This is also assuming that this couple chose to provide a plated meal for their guests, opted for alcoholic beverages, and possibly had a few other luxury details, such as premium invitations or paper products. 

Tier 2 - $20,000

Here is another breathtaking example! This barn wedding for 150 comes in right around $20,000 for a few reasons. While they still chose to have beautiful linens and centerpieces, they used lots of greenery and wildflowers to cut costs. They also opted for very simple place settings instead of a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, place card, menu...etc. By doing this you cut down on cost per guest which is where you really start to save. This also signifies that they most likely had a buffet or passed appetizers instead of a plated meal. 

Things that did bring their budget up would be pricey rentals, (like gold chiavari chairs and crystal candle sticks), uplighting around the outer walls, and florals/decor for specialty areas (food stations or sweets bars, guest book area and favors). 

Tier 3 - $10,000

These photos give an example of what can be done with a budget around $10,000 for about 150 guests.  This couple decided on a crowd-friendly candy and popcorn bar instead of a full meal, standard linens and chairs, and twinkle lights instead of ritzy chandeliers. Their centerpieces consisted of budget blooms and were held by DIY jars and vases. Custom touches like signage and a homemade cake topper made this wedding even more personal. If you are on a tight budget, read more about this wedding and other budget-friendly celebrations on this site that covers adorable weddings and their expenses. Just an FYI, this wedding was actually UNDER $10,000! View the breakdown on the link.

It is possible to have a stunning rustic wedding at any budget! Don’t let the “B” word be the main stressor of the wedding. At the end of the day, two people have celebrated their love with family and friends which is a great way to start their lives together, no matter the budget. Happy planning and with any budget, design or other wedding questions, feel free to shoot us a line! 

- Jane 

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