Sunday, February 16, 2014

Real Wedding: Ellie and Cole Getting Ready

Ohhh these two. A divine romance. A joy unmistakeable. A love unbound and unconditional. 

I know now that with each wedding I do, there will never be a time when I am done learning. With every event, there are new set-up challenges to tackle and new relationships to decipher. For example, with this wedding, I learned that glass orbs bought from a particular online site will come with individual sticker labels on each one that will require approximately two interns two hours to remove 100 of them. Ouch. 

However, my favorite thing I learned is that when a couple is truly in love — a love that warrants a trust beyond understanding — no matter what small things may go wrong, they will not be shaken. 

There were no shortage of small obstacles that came up during the wedding day for Ellie and Cole... no napkins delivered, missing grooms tie, missing bride's gift, set-up delays, magazine photographer shooting alongside wedding photographer, catering container malfunctions, noise complaints... but beyond any of those issues, the one thing I remember from their day was how enthralled they both were. With each other, with the loved ones surrounding them, and with an amazing God who orchestrated each perfect moment leading up to this. 

Photos by Defined Image Photography. 

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