Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't underestimate the invite.

In our increasingly paperless world there are so many e-vites and inbox events going on that we have started to underestimate the importance of the invitation.

This is something that I am big on. The invitation to an event sets the entire tone for the evening itself. If you are having a casual potluck barbecue and only inviting a few neighbors, then sure the snail mail might not be needed. But if you are having an event that you would like others to RSVP to and perhaps wear something other that what would be required to walk on over to your house, then you need to spruce it up a bit, just like you expect your guests to.

Skimping on quality of paper, and using a cheesy design will only give way to letting your guests think that this is just another event that doesn't really matter. Who wants to host something like that!?

I have put together a collection of invitations for an array of occasions that not only are appealing, but will get your guests to get gussied up and responding pronto.

This cute but casual holiday party invite is just enough to say "Sure, wear jeans and a sweater!" but also says "Look at the detail and time I put into this, so don't invite other people randomly!" 

This sweet square shower invitation shows that you will pay a little extra for postage on an unordinary shape. Meaning guests might pay a little extra for the perfect gift off of the registry. 

A fun and flirty invitation gets recipients excited to participate in games and laughter! 

A hint or even a statement about dress code on an invitation can sometimes seam necessary depending on who you are sending it to, but always have some contact information added for further questions. 

A simple color palette can be classy and modern all at the same time. You can always make it edgy by switching fonts and sizes, but keeping to a basic color scheme will eliminate some over kill. You can never go wrong with simple and chic. 

Check back soon for some more event planning tips and tricks!!


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