Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Party Element: Photo Booths!

This is such a huge trend right now to have at weddings and parties. I love the creativity that I have seen in different backdrops, props, and arrangements! When planning your wedding or event you do not necessarily have to hire a photo booth vendor separately. If you are already working with a photographer ask them if they offer photo booth services because chances are they probably do. PLUS if you are already using them they are much more likely to give you a deal when combining packages than a separate vendor would for just one service.

This AWESOMELY FUN backdrop is made from pleated paper pinwheels in all different sizes and colors. 

Yes, I know we have all seen the frames idea, but I loved how on this one they added all of their past family photos. It seems so cute and ceremonial like they are being added to the wall of family weddings! 

This is a fantastic idea for a guestbook that you will actually keep and look at over and over again! 

You can't go wrong with glitter. It can be classy and elegant, fun and celebratory, chic and girly... goes with so many themes. 

I love a similar take on this with the black being chalkboard! 

Pretty pages of plants and flowers are great for an outdoor wedding or a garden theme. Or mix it up with magazine pages for a glam get together, kids' art for a birthday party, or printed pictures of the bride and groom in different sizes but all done in black and white! 

I couldn't resist adding these adorable Christmas props (7 days in counting)! I love the reindeer antlers! 

and one more super fun prop idea.. chalkboard caption cards! I can only imagine the things that would get written on these haha! 

What "Party Element" should we showcase next? What are your favorite ideas shared about photo booths? Check back soon for some more wedding and party planning fun! 

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