Thursday, December 20, 2012

Etiquette: The Host/Hostess Gift

To throw a party these days is not something that most people just throw together. It takes quite a bit of work. There is planning a date and setting a schedule, ordering, addressing, and sending invitations, managing the guest list and tracking down all those that don't RSVP (don't get me started on that one), and then planning, decorating, cleaning, and throwing the party itself! 

For someone to reserve a night out of their busy schedule and invite you to be a guest while they show you a good time is a very generous and thoughtful thing for a someone to do! With that being said, it is pretty much required for you to be THANKFUL. This in no way means that you have to bring a lavish and expensive gift to every single thing you are invited to, but it does suggest that if you are going to an event organized by someone else and designed for you to enjoy you might consider bringing a token of your gratitude. 

I recently made some very EASY and affordable goodies for a family get together that I thought could be used for a variety of events as hostess gifts.

These chocolate covered pretzels were a breeze to make and since it was for a holiday gathering I coated mine in crushed candy cane and red sprinkles. Throw a dozen or so of these in a cellophane gift sack and tie with a pretty ribbon... VOILA! 

These homemade crackers are way more doable than I thought they would be and the flavors are ENDLESS! I made rosemary lemon, spicy cheddar, and Italian parmesan. Thrown in a basket with some tissue paper and they were out the door! 

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to get a gift together these days. Hello we have pinterest!! So when attending your holiday parties this season don't forget to be a grateful guest! 

Do you have a go to hostess gift that you like to give? What are some etiquette tips you have for party guests?

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