Sunday, December 9, 2012

Party Theme: Night at the Movies

This is a go to party theme in my book. A classic that can be made easy as a child's birthday or super fun for adults, or families as well. I'm actually scheming to have a little Christmas version at my parents' house over the holidays! The ultimate cozy movie time in my opinion. 

Whether you want to glam it up for a girly rom-com or have a Halloween themed thriller this party idea is one for the ages. 

Take it outside! Have a drive in movie and back up vehicles filled with comfy quilts and outdoor pillows, or set up a lawn chair theatre in the back yard and rent a projector. 
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I love the idea of some simple stamped brown paper sacks filled with popcorn. You can even make a large container of it beforehand like this glass jar then keep a scoop nearby for easy and quick refills during the movie! 

This fun family went all out and had a whole popcorn bar! They served different flavors and flavored salts to season with. They even had popcorn additions like small candies and pretzels that you could toss in. 

Enjoy this fun party theme idea and for any help pulling off your own star studded soiree be sure to contact Abby Mitchell Events

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