Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hospitable Home: Front Door Wreath

I love a great party thrown at home. It is comfortable and inviting and where most of us tend to do our celebrating! So I have decided to start posting about ways to make our homes more welcoming and hospitable. 

I love a good wreath. I mean who doesn't right? It's like jewelry for your house. Whether seasonal, personalized, or just plain cute - a wreath is a great way to make guests feel welcome. 

Here's a few favorites and then my most recent obsession... (the latest I made for myself:))

Wrapped wreaths...

Holiday wreaths...

{like this one I made for Halloween}

Just for fun wreaths...

Game time wreaths... (woooo pig sooie!)

And my current cheer bringer on my own front door...
I made this wreath right before the in-laws came to visit (but that's just our little secret) and I must confess, that I am in love. So here are way too many pictures of a single inanimate object for you to look at in one day:

Do you have a favorite wreath for your front door? Share a picture of it with us! 

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