Thursday, March 28, 2013

Party Theme: Easter Brunch

I love Easter. Big shocker, I know. 

But aside from the fun of getting a new, cheery dress, or dyeing eggs with your grandma, it holds a wonderful meaning for me personally {and hopefully for you too}. 

HALLELUJAH! CHRIST HAS RISEN!! Can I get a good old, hand raising "AMEN" from you sister! 

We all know the story of Jesus dying on the cross and saving each of us from our sins, but how glorious and just plain awesome that He showed His power by raising from the dead and confirming His true identity as God's son. 

I mean Easter gets me pumped. up. 

I know all the colors we usually use to decorate for Easter are pastels and neutrals, but it feels like we should be getting out some neons and glow sticks and have a huge rager! With that in mind I have found some great bright {and a few pretty pastel} Easter Brunch Party ideas for you to incorporate this holiday. 

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